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Ezydeck™ Modular Decking System

Ezydeck Modular Decking SystemHave you ever wanted a solid hardwood deck, but were discouraged by high installation costs? Have you ever dreamed of beautifying that dull concrete patio or balcony, but didn't know how to start?

Ezydeck™ Modular System is the answer!

With the patented Ezydeck Modular decking System, your dream patio deck can now become a reality. By simply clicking together the special interlocking wood tiles, you can create a stunning new hardwood deck ready to enjoy for a lifetime.

What Ezydeck™ offers:

  • no complicated plans
  • no screws, nails or adhesives needed
  • the flexibility to fit any interior or exterior area; small, large or irregular
  • the ability to remove and relay as required
  • an interlocking system that ensures a safe and secure structure
  • a durable, low maintenance, wear resistant surface
  • the beauty and added value of a solid hardwood floor

Designed for ease of installation, the Ezydeck™ Modular Decking System is produced in 4 different styles of square tiles allowing the home owner to create individual patterns limited only by imagination. Assembly is a simple matter of clicking together adjacent tiles using the unique plastic locking system to give a stable, even and attractive decking surface.

As the official distributor of Ezydeck, floorings.com is always ready to serve your Ezydeck needs, whether it be the actual tiles or Ezydeck accessories that you can't find anywhere else!

The Ezydeck system has been featured in the following papers and television shows:

Ezydeck tiles have been featured on Bravo's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy TV show!Ezydeck modular decking system has been featured in USA TodayThe Patriot News has featured Ezydeck wood decking tiles in their newspaper!Ezydeck decking tiles were recently featured on an installment of the Today show!



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